Why not choose a Tempurpedic Mattress type to suit your sleep position

Sleep positions makes a difference in the type of support required from a mattress. For side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers, the types of support required would vary.

It is statically known that most people sleep on their sides. Sleeping in the fetal position with the knees up toward the chest is the most common sleep position. However, this position tends to put more pressure on the hips and shoulder areas. For the side sleepers and the fetal sleepers, it is recommended that a softer mattress, such as a Tempurpedic mattress, would offer the most comfort. A foam Tempurpedic mattress is made specifically to conform to the body of side sleepers, particularly in the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine.

Back sleeping is considered to be the best position for most people, especially those with back issues, because it lets your neck, head and spine rest in a more neutral position. Back Sleepers with back pain might benefit from putting a pillow or rolled up towel under the knees for lower back support. But Back Sleeping is not beneficial for everyone. For example, those who have sleep apnea, this position can make their snoring problem worse.

For Stomach Sleepers, a softer mattress, such as a Tempurpedic, might cause lower back pain. Reason for this is, a softer mattress encourages the abdomen to sink into a bed. As a result, this position will increase the arch in your low back and cause pain. A medium firm mattress is beneficial for stomach sleepers, because it prevents abdominal sinking, which reduces the arch in the lower back area. However, since the sinking effect is greater for individuals with larger abdomens, for thinner people, abdominal sinking would not be an problem.

If you’re experience discomfort or sleeplessness of any sort at night or while you sleep, and you’re planning to purchase a new mattress, the first thing you should do is determine your most common sleep position. Some people alternate positions when they sleep, which might makes it difficult to make a definitive classification of their regular sleep position. So the best solution is to take note of which position you find yourself most commonly waking up in, because in theory, that would be the position you sleep in the longest. For example, when you first go to sleep, you may start out sleeping on your back. But then, as the night progresses, you may later find yourself sleeping on your side or stomach, therefore taking notes on your wake-up position, will help you determine your most common sleep position.

Once you definitively know your most common sleep position, then you can shop for a new mattress with confidence, knowing that you’re making a best mattress purchase that will support your most common sleep position.

Firm or soft? Which is better for back pain? Compare with a Stearns and Foster Mattress

There’s no solid research data that determines for certain whether or not a firm or soft mattress will truly help people whose back pain keeps them awake at night. In fact, most health experts are now saying that its the individual’s preference of mattress that would ultimately make a person sleep more comfortably.

So to mediate the argument, experts are now saying that a mattress with medium firmness would most likely offer the most back pain relief for all chronic pain suffers at night.

For example, The Lancet published the results of a randomized controlled trial that assessed 313 people who had a backache while in bed and when they got up.

Researchers have randomly placed several participants on a firm mattress, a soft mattress, then a medium firm mattress for 90 days, then evaluated the participant for pain reduction, comfort and over-all sleep quality.

As a result, the medium firm mattress was the winner. Most participants in the medium firm mattress category had considerably less back pain and better sleep quality in the study, in comparison with participants in the firm or soft mattress groups.

Here’s what the researchers had to say about that: A mattress with medium firmness will likely experience an improvement in chronic nonspecific back pain and an increase in sleep quality.

However, they went on to say that it’s still not a “one size fits all” guide to choosing the best mattress for back pain, there are several other factors that need to be considered in the decision making process, such as age, height, weight, type or causality of back pain, and many others.

Medical history should also be taken into account for any individual’s specific needs. For example, people with spinal stenosis tend to present with pain while standing or walking, but not so much when they lie down. So for this reason alone, a question of firmness would not particularly be an issue for people with that type of condition.

But for those with degenerative conditions, along with stenosis, would be a different matter altogether. If an individual presents with spinal arthritis with no stenosis, spinal disc problems, or nonspecific back pain, then they do need to consider the relative firmness or softness the mattress they intend to purchase.

Everyone needs some level of support when they sleep, however people who have had back surgeries often need less support, to a certain extent, since the tissues have been altered and may be stiffer. In this case, a soft Stearns and Foster mattress with pillow top would make them more comfortable.

Mattress springs also break down over time, which would make a bed softer and reduce the level of support. In this case, it would make more sense to get a new mattress.

A study done in Oklahoma measured pain, stiffness and quality of sleep in 22 participants in 28 days with their original mattresses, and then the same group were prescribed new mattresses and monitored again for another 28 days. When compared, they found that the newly prescribed mattresses helped to improve all three measures (pain, stiffness, and quality of sleep) considerably.

In conclusion, any new mattress purchase in general will (in most cases) help to improve pain, stiffness and quality of sleep for specific or non specific back pain suffers, regardless of their causalities or conditions.

Buying a new mattress could improve your relationship – great deals on Stearns and Foster mattresses online

Almost half of Americans own an old mattress that is likely to be attributing to unrestful sleep, according to recent surveys. What’s most interesting, is that the survey is finding that that those unrestful nights are effecting personal relationships due to increased stress and irritability, which makes them less tollerable to handle everyday challenges with their partner.

By improving sleep quality, this in turn will benefit the relationship, therefore making a new mattress purchase, would be considered a good investment, not only for better health, but for improving a relationship.

There is scientific research from the University of Oklahoma that shows new mattress purchases leading to improved sleep quality, compared with people sleeping on mattresses that with more than 5 years of use.

Although, research data gauges a mattress to be considered old at 5 years or more of everyday usage, the culprit for unrestful sleep could also be a result of the type of mattress being used. Regardless of the cause, it’s always best to make a list of problems you might be experiencing when you first wake up in the morning. For example, do you feel any back pain, or other pain anywhere else in the body right after you wake up? Are you experiencing stiffness? Are you still feeling tired, even after having slept for an entire evening? All these questions you should be asking yourself, in order to determine if these may all be attributing to unrestful sleep.

When shopping for a new mattress online, it’s recommended to look for a reputable brand from a Stearns and Foster online mattress reseller, not only can you get a better deal online, some places also offer free shipping to several areas inside and outside of the GTA. A new Stearns & Foster mattress will surely leave you feeling comfortable and will provide proper support for your back and neck while in your usual sleep position.

Proper sleep habits start with a new Stearns and Foster online mattress purchase

Developing proper sleep habits benefit you more than just by keeping you alert, they also keep you healthy. Proper sleep habits are necessary for a healthy body and mind at any age. They allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and alert for work or school, and help you to perform other challenging tasks that require your full attention, like driving and operating dangerous machinery.

Are dust mites triggering your allergies? It may be time to buy new from the Sealy Mattress Sale in Toronto

A bed can be a breeding ground for dust mites, a microscopic look has shown what could be breeding in your bed every night. Millions of tiny mites can reside in the average bed and are about a 1/4 of a millimetre long and are known to cause allergies in many people. Mites are surrounded by their own faeces, and on average they can produce about 20 droppings per day.

Mites tend to live off human skin scales, which are partially digested by moulds, and tend to thrive in humid, warm or damp environments.

Our mattresses, pillows, duvets and carpets (which are the most common areas) accumulate human skin cells, therefore dust mites commonly multiply in these places.

In as little as 2 years, approximately 10 per cent of a pillow’s weight will be made up of dust mites and dust mite droppings.

An average sized Human can shed about half an ounce of skin a week, and a lot of that will reside in a bed.

Dust mites love warm moist environments and a bed is the perfect place for them to breed. They can reproduce as many as 10 million per bed in a lifetime.

So creating an appealing environment for these microscopic crawlers is common. Often people are away from home during daytime hours so they shut their windows. This can cause moisture to stay trapped in the room.

While these little creatures themselves are relatively harmless, their body fragments and faeces can trigger allergic reactions which can prompt the body to release histamines to attack the allergen, and can cause eczema and hay fever, and estimates suggest dust mites may be a factor in asthma for up to 80 per cent of people who have it, as they can cause a cough, rhinitis, dry eyes. They can disturb sleep. People with other allergies can be worse off.

So if you think dust mites might be triggering your allergies, you may want to consider buying a new mattress from the Sealy Mattress Sale Toronto. Many people who think they just have seasonal allergies or a cold, might have dust mites causing their symptoms instead.

A missing cat was finally found after spending 64 days inside a Stearns and Foster mattress

The family first thought they’d lost their cat, since it had gone missing while they were packing to move 3,000 miles across the US, but were shocked when they found their pet after 64 days, who had been trapped inside their Stearns and Foster mattress.

Their 2 year old tabby cat named Moosie disappeared when the husband boxed up their belongings in preparation for their move to El Paso, Texas.

It was heartbreaking for them thinking that they had lost Moosie.

But then in early June, when the family’s belongings arrived at their new home, they heard a meow coming from inside the box, Moosie had put everything he had into his meow, just to let them know he was there.

It’s remarkable that Moosie survived after being trapped for approximately two months without food or water.

Although he had survived the ordeal, he suffered from severe dehydration and a some liver damage, but his vet still felt he was in pretty good condition, all things considered.

Prior to being with his current owner, Moosie was a stray cat that was first discovered by cat protection workers. After scanning his microchip, he was found to be originally from Australia.

Moosie’s health is completely back to normal now, and questions surrounding this Australian bred cat’s remarkable survival remains unanswered.

An investigation into Moosie’s origins is now under-way to study the phenomenon of how a 2 year old tabby cat could’ve possibly survived such an ordeal.

Considering making an Organic Latex Mattress Purchase in Toronto?

Most Mattresses aren’t really Eco-friendly. The majority are made with artificial materials or foam, which aren’t biodegrade. Natural cotton or wool stuffing can be processed with pesticides and other chemicals, some of them possibly carcinogenic.

The smell that can potentially leave you awake, is a cocktail of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are associated with skin discomfort and respiratory problems. For example, a conventional mattress can have up to 61 VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can emit gases while you sleep, from body heat and movement.

Experts continue to be unassertive about what exposure levels cause a threat. Others claim that any exposure should be as limited as possible. Although the amount people inhale is extremely small, the exposure adds up. Purchasing an Organic Latex Mattress in Toronto is a good way to reduce the toxins you inhale while sleeping. Fumes are most powerful in the first few weeks, so it also helps to let your brand new bed air-out in a spare room with an open window before sleeping on it.

There is absolutely no government standard for mandatory Eco-friendly mattresses. Manufacturers use materials that are renewable and natural, however there is not much standardization. In our quest for the best quality products, we came across mattresses made with castor petrol, aloe vera, green-tea infusions, and bamboo.

When shopping, ignore words like eco and natural. Instead, seek out companies that clarify ingredients and indicate where materials are sourced. Even better, look for third-party qualifications. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the largest voluntary third-party documentation for textiles free from harmful substances, and Global Organic Textile Standard certifies that a natural fibre was grown organically and refined sustain-ably.

The good news is that options once limited to size and firmness now include environmental options as well. If you like an innerspring mattress, steel coils surrounded by tiers of fluffy padding, you can rest easy on mattresses made from organic Egyptian cotton and wool, with steel coils that are not coated in chemicals. If you like a solid-foam bed, you can opt for latex, made from the milky sap of silicone trees. It would almost seem as though sleeping on something made from coconut husk materials or natural silicone, would feel like napping in Gilligan’s hammock.

If you possess a $2000 to $3,000 budget, then purchasing a top quality mattress containing Organic and natural materials is very likely. Memory-foam mattresses have replaced a few of the usual fabricated latex with soy. And foam mattresses with 30 percent natural plant oils, are one of the best percentages on the market; and it uses drinking water to broaden the foam rather than relying only on solvents, like most companies; and it created a flame retardant derived from sea sand, keeping you free from most chemical additives.

The Best Tempurpedic Mattress Type for Back Pain Relief

A good mattress is one that will lessen back pain, keep you comfortable, and leave you getting up without pain in the morning. Back pain can be an unfortunate thing to have happen. However, with proper stretches and a great mattress, you can conquer these issues. That being said, you should definitely take time to do the right research and possibly spend a premium amount on a high quality mattress. You certainly get what you pay for in the mattress industry, so you don’t want any regrets. There are a lot of options for you, so the take time to do some good research and make the right decision.

An ideal mattress for lower back pain will contour to your body. Back troubles can result from strong pressure points that are caused by a bed’s failure to conform to a person’s body. This is perhaps why memory foam beds have grown to be so popular. They are able to adjust to someone’s body to lessen the effect of any pressure points. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are trying to find a top mattress to lessen back pain.

The very best mattress for a sore back will also provide a great deal of support. People generally have back troubles if indeed they have poor posture. So when you are lying down on a mattress, it is best for the bed to support you in an all natural position and not let you sag into an unnatural sleeping position. That is an integral factor for providing you relief.

Other factors to consider are; mattress firmness and height. Some mattress manufactures, like the Tempurpedic Mattress, has a Firmness rating starting from 1 to 8 (example: 5 would be medium firmness and 2 would be high firmness). The firmer the mattress, the more back pain relief you will get, but may compromise the comfort. And what some may consider to be firm, others will feel like the mattress is not firm enough. This will vary from person to person, generally based on their BMI (Body Mass Index). People with more body fat will not be affected as much with a firmer mattress. Also, the height of the mattress, may in some cases, determine the level of support, based on the person’s body weight. But this is not always the case, as it would mostly depend on the type of mattress your are buying.

Ultimately, there may be no one solitary best mattress for back pain relief. It depends on each unique person. You will need to find the right balance between comfort and support. Its strongly advised that you spend a bit more money on a higher quality product, rather than budget for a short term solution. The great thing about a high quality mattress is that they have a tendency to last longer, whereas cheaper mattresses tend to loose their support and rest quality a lot sooner than the higher quality ones. Don’t be afraid to view your mattress as an investment, take your time researching the best product, find a retailer that will allow you to try the mattress for 30 days without incurring any major costs, and spend a little bit more on a mattress that will last longer and help you manage or even fix your back pain and help you get a good night’s sleep.

How to Choose a Mattress for your Body Type using a Stearns and Foster Mattress Brand

The benefit of a good night’s rest should never be overlooked. Even as we sleep, our body’s serotonin levels are restoring, and our immune system is rejuvenating. Because rest has such a profound impact on the way we function, it is vital that we get enough of it. In order to achieve this level of sleep quality, it’s important to sleep on a mattress that’s right for you. Doing this will increase your level of rejuvenation, but sleeping on the wrong mattress on the other hand, will reduce your level of rejuvenation, leaving you waking up cranky and experiencing back pain. An effective mattress should keep the spine straight while you sleep on your side. For example, you might see a Stearns and Foster mattress put on display in stores for good reasons. They aren’t just on display for their looks, they’re put there so you can test them out by laying down on them. Many individuals trust that simply sitting on a bed will help them judge the mattress they look for. You can’t, in any way, shape, or form, settle on a mattress purchase just by sitting on it.

Most of your time is spent laying down on the mattress, not sitting on it, or sitting on the edge of the mattress, the ideal spot is in the middle. Also, you don’t want to just lie down on the mattress, you also want to lie in your usual sleeping position. If you have a sleep partner, try lying down together on it at the same time to see how well it supports both of you and your weight. And be sure to lie there for at least 15 minutes or so.

Mattress sleep position
Mattress sleep position pressure points

You need to look at 2 important factors; support and comfort. The comfort comes from the padding, which cushions your body from the springs or other support structures, and should mould to your shape. You should aim for the firmest, and most supportive mattress you can find, that is still comfortable, according to all the orthopaedic experts. If the bed is too firm, it will put pressure on the heaviest parts of your body, particularly around the hips, signalling your brain to tell your body to turn over, which results in a night of tossing and turning. If the bed is too soft, this will result in your spine not being aligned properly. Also, your muscles will tense up and have to work hard to make up for the lack of support that your not getting. The support is determined by coil springs inside of the mattress, and should create a proper spine alignment. When you lie on your side, your spine should be in a straight position, when you lie on your back, it should be in a natural curve position.

The springs are what generally makes the mattress most supportive, so it’s important to consider the construction aspect of it. Always ask a salesperson what the coil count is. As an example, a standard twin mattress should have at least 300, a standard queen mattress should have around 375 and a standard king mattress should have 450 at least.