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How to Set up Your Bed in a Box Memory Foam Mattress

Posted by Alex Mattressville

Posted on: Dec 01, 2020


Sweet dreams are made of memory foam and the perfect mattress. This is why it’s more important than ever to take care of your mattress, starting from the moment you receive it. Currently, bed in a box mattresses are becoming popular, and with the increase of online shopping, it’s quite common for customers to receive a boxed mattress. Some may wonder how to set up a memory foam bed in a box mattress once they’ve received it and the proper steps to ensure maximum comfort. Our detailed guide will show you how to do just that so that you will be well on your way to a good night’s rest!

What are bed in a box mattresses?

Bed in a box mattresses are simply regular mattresses that come shipped to you compressed and rolled up neatly into a manageable box. These mattresses have had all the air sucked out of them by a machine process, and it’s a compact way of delivering it directly to you without much hassle. Bed in a box mattresses come in memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring options. Memory foam is most common with bed in a box mattresses because of its ability to easily compress and decompress once unboxed. It’s also a popular choice because of its pressure-relieving abilities and comfort levels. Regardless of the size you are looking for; there are boxed options available that will be more convenient and take up less space, especially if you are concerned with shipping and moving the mattress.

The Unboxing

Once you’ve received the mattress, the first step is to take it out of the cardboard box and place it on your bed. If you have another person to help, it might be easier to have them stand the box upright while carefully cutting with a pair of scissors and then putting the mattress onto the floor or bed once finished. Alternatively, you can lay the boxed mattress down on the floor to steady it if you are alone. You should keep the mattress wrapped in its plastic cover during the unboxing until you have it out of the box.

Careful Cutting

While cutting the plastic wrapping off your mattress, be careful with the scissors so as not to accidentally cut or damage it. There may be two layers of plastic around your mattress so be cautious. Your mattress will still be rolled up during this step, so be sure to unroll it onto your bed after all the plastic wrap is off and disposed of.

Waiting Period

Now comes the important part: waiting to let the mattress decompress, so you can finally enjoy it. You may want to check the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to this step because certain mattresses may need longer to decompress than others. The general rule is to allow 24-72 hours for it to fully decompress. You will want to air your mattress out and perhaps let the windows open for a while so that any smell of the memory foam disappears before sleeping on it. 

While it won’t necessarily damage your new mattress if you bypass the waiting period, it will be more comfortable and even to sleep on if you do wait it out. This is because compressed memory foam mattresses need aeration in order to become fully supportive. Most mattress brands expect that you’ll follow these rules and waiting periods; otherwise, you could potentially and inadvertently void your warranty. So to be on the safe side, wait before testing your new mattress.

Decompression Tips

If you are looking to decompress your mattress as soon as possible, here are some handy tips to consider in order to speed up the process. First, opening your windows and ensuring airflow will help with air circulation and inflation of your mattress. Turning on a fan in the direction of your mattress is another option if a window isn’t available. Another way to speed up the decompression process is to use your hands and feet to squash the mattress and help it expand. 

Heat will also cause memory foam to react, so consider raising the temperature as well. Keep in mind that your mattress should naturally start to decompress after you’ve unboxed it, so these tips will only help to speed up the process.

Mattress not expanding?

If you find that it has been over a week and your mattress still has not properly decompressed, it may be time to contact customer service. While it is highly unlikely, a defective mattress could be the cause. If you suspect this is the case, you should be able to easily contact your mattress provider’s customer service line for an exchange or refund at your convenience.

So, now that you have your carefully packaged and boxed up mattress waiting for you at your front door, it’s time to let that baby in! Make sure to let it decompress for at least 24 hours, as the gentle cushiony memory foam will be well worth the wait. For more information on memory foam and bed in a box mattresses, please contact Mattressville Toronto at 905-212-7722 or contact us here.