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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Stearns and Foster Mattress

Posted by Alex Mattressville

Posted on: Jun 08, 2021


When choosing the right mattress, it can be comforting to choose a brand name that upholds a long-standing solid reputation for quality. In these cases, it’s almost a given that you’ll receive the luxury you’re looking for. After all, brand names are such for a reason. Stearns and Foster have been well known for over a century for their quality, comfort, and craftsmanship, which can be compared to the likes of Tempur-pedic and Serta brands. However, regardless of popularity and reputation, these brands are not without some flaws. Read on to find out some of the major pros and cons of Stearns and Foster mattresses to see if they are the right fit for your needs and lifestyle.


Estate Collection

The Estate Collection is the most budget-friendly option for customers looking for breathability, comfort, and support without a hefty price tag. Queen size mattresses in this collection start at $1499. These mattresses are a hybrid blend of gel foam and IntelliCoil innerspring systems for durability and adaptability to the body. The main disadvantage stated by reviewers of these mattresses is eventual sagging and wear on the mattress.

Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection at Stearns and Foster is the most luxurious option, with prices ranging from $3499–$5099. As with the other lines, there have been complaints regarding durability and design; however, this collection is meant to be cozier and softer than ever. Extra foam layers add to the soft feel of this mattress for more luxurious comfort. Unlike the other collections, the Reserve Collection of mattresses offers either a layer of added PrimaSense gel foam or Smart Align latex. The gel foam provides a cool surface and added support and comfort, whereas the latex conforms and adapts to the body quickly while sleeping, which is ideal for active sleepers prone to movements.

Firmness and Foundation

Stearns and Foster recommend that you pair their mattresses with a low profile foundation or frame and more support in the centre to uphold the mattress properly and prevent sagging or breaking down. Using a low profile frame will help the mattress from being too tall, as some customers have complained about the height and their large, hefty size. As with most mattresses, it is beneficial to rotate occasionally so that each side wears evenly and avoids indentation over time. As with all mattresses, follow the manufacturer’s guide and label when it comes to care and cleaning.

Motion Transfer

One of the main benefits of the Stearns and Foster mattress (and one of the factors rated most highly) is its motion transfer and weight distribution. If you sleep with a partner or are an active or light sleeper, you may benefit from a mattress that can minimize motion and quickly adapt to sleeping positions and movement. The pocketed coil system on these mattresses isolates motion for a peaceful sleep every night.

Mattress Pricing

One notable downside to Stearns and Foster mattresses is the expensive price tag. Unfortunately, these mattresses are not the most budget-friendly, and if you are looking for inexpensive options within a strict budget, you may not find what you are looking for. Keep in mind, however, that you are paying for quality, and many of the features and materials on these mattresses are top of the line.

Warranty and Trial Offers

Unfortunately for some, Stearns and Foster themselves do not offer any sort of trial runs or periods for potential buyers. Tempur-Sealy (the company that manufactures the mattresses) provides a 10-year limited warranty with the purchase of any Stearns and Foster mattress. If you purchase one from a third-party retailer, then you may be entitled to their trial period (if they offer one). Remember to ask questions before you purchase any mattress, and there is always the option of trying it in-store before committing.

With a wide range of features and options available, you are bound to find something you like in the Stearns and Foster mattress collection. Keep in mind that these mattresses are often heavier, taller, and more expensive due to the quality of the product, which may be an inconvenience for some. For more information on Stearns and Foster mattresses, please contact Mattressville at 905-212-7722 or contact us here. Feel free to shop our wide range of mattresses online, or contact us today, and our sales representatives will be happy to walk you through our selection and answer your questions. Remember, quality sleep is important, and a good mattress can last for years!