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Your Guide to Buying the Best Mattress, Canada

Your Guide to Buying the Best Mattress, Canada 

There are many reasons people have trouble sleeping, even if they have a high-quality mattress, and choosing a mattress that doesn't support a person's sleep position is one of them.

That's because mattresses can influence one's spine alignment, among other factors. But what should you look for when choosing the best mattress, Canada, for you? Keep reading and learn more about how to choose the right mattress for you below.


What to Consider Before You Buy a New Mattress

Many people believe that the softer and plusher a mattress is, the better, but this is not the case at all. Besides the softness of the mattress, you will need to consider some important factors such as your body weight, your sleep position, and your preferences. 

These factors are all as significant as the mattress itself. If you ignore them, you will find that buying a mattress that will provide you with a good night's sleep will be quite the challenge. First, consider your body weight. 

People who weigh more tend to need more support from their mattresses. That's because they will sink more into the mattress than people who don't weigh as much. If you have more bodyweight and buy a very soft mattress, you will find that it won't provide you with very much support.

Rather, you will sink into the mattress and the mattress itself will end up misshapen due to the weight distribution. Some parts of your body will end up with more support than others and this can throw your spine out of alignment. When this happens, you will find yourself waking up with back and neck pain which is not a great way to start the day. 

You may also find that it is hard to get up and out of a mattress that is not supportive enough for your body weight. To improve your sleep, you should opt for a mattress that is on the firmer side. This does not mean that you have to choose a hard mattress, but a denser mattress such as a memory foam mattress for sale will provide you with the support your body needs. 

This way, you will wake up in the morning without any aches and pains. 

Sleep Position and Preference

Some people stay in the same position as they sleep throughout the night. Other people change sleep positions. Knowing your preferred sleep position is important because your position when you sleep will determine what kind of support you need for your spine. 

Most people tend to sleep on their side. When you sleep on your side, most of the pressure on your mattress will be from your shoulders and hips. For that reason, you won't want a mattress that is very firm if you often sleep on your side. 

A firm mattress will put too much pressure on your shoulders and hips. This will bump your spine out of alignment and you will end up with back pain or you may end up tossing and turning in an attempt to find a more comfortable position. A simple fix is investing in a softer mattress. 

The next time you look for a mattress sale, try to focus on mattresses that are soft or medium when it comes to firmness. These mattresses will be able to compress under the pressure of your shoulders and hips while still providing the rest of your body with support. 

If you sleep on your stomach, you will want to invest in a firm mattress. Many people don't sleep on their stomachs, but those who do tend to have lower back pain upon waking up. That's because their lower spine, also known as the lumbar spine, will sink too far into the mattress.

This results in the whole spine being thrown out of alignment. But if the stomach sleeper gets a firm mattress, this won't happen in the first place. Instead, the lower spine will have plenty of support and it won't end up sinking into the mattress. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are a relatively new kind of mattress. While traditional mattresses use springs as the primary means to support a body, memory foam mattresses use both springs and memory foam. Memory foam is a unique material that is designed to support every inch of the body.

If you have ever rested on a memory foam mattress before, you may have had the sensation that you were being cradled by it. Memory foam is able to mold around your body in a way that is unlike the cushioning of a normal mattress. The mattress will compress wherever your body touches but the surrounding part of the mattress will not compress, ultimately providing you with the feeling of being cradled. 

You will also notice that when you get off of a memory foam mattress, the impression of your body will remain on the mattress for a few moments. This shows how moldable and plush a memory foam mattress can be. But the great thing about memory foam mattresses is that they are not too soft either. 

They are ideal for side sleepers because they provide the perfect amount of support for the shoulders and hips. At the same time, they are firm enough to support the rest of the body. The result is that your spine will be perfectly aligned throughout the night. 

You will be able to sleep better than ever before and, if you are a side sleeper, you won't be tossing and turning so much to find a comfortable position. The mattress also absorbs movement so the whole mattress won't shake around if you decide to change positions. This is ideal if you tend to wake up your partner due to your tossing and turning at night. 

But memory foam isn't for everyone. 

Latex Mattresses

Not everyone likes latex mattresses because they might not like the feeling that they are sinking into the mattress. They might also not like the cradled feeling they get from the mattress. Latex mattresses may be an improvement because they are very similar to memory foam mattresses but more supportive so you won't sink in so much. 

While latex behaves in a similar manner as memory foam, it is made of a different material. It is mainly made of latex rubber that comes from rubber trees. For that reason, it is considered an organic mattress.

This is important to keep in mind if you have sensitive skin or certain allergies as certain artificial mattress materials may irritate you during the night. As mentioned before, latex mattresses don't allow you to sink in as much as memory foam mattresses. For that reason, latex mattresses tend to be bouncier and don't absorb movement as well.

However, they are also stronger and more durable than memory foam mattresses. So, if you care about how long your mattress lasts, you might want to opt for a latex mattress. The firmness of your latex mattress may depend on what kind of latex the mattress is made of. 

Dunlop latex tends to be more on the dense and firm side. This can be ideal if you sleep in a position that would benefit from a firmer mattress. However, this denser material may be more like memory foam which some people may not like. 

The other type of latex is Talalay. This type of latex is on the softer and lighter side. It will provide more springiness to the mattress and may be better for those who are hot sleepers because it will not mold too much to your body. 

Innerspring Mattresses

When it comes to buying the best king-sized mattress in Canada, not many people can go wrong when they choose an innerspring mattress. As the name suggests, this kind of mattress is full of springs, also known as coils. These coils are made of steel and they are very durable and very supportive. 

Many older mattresses contain springs, but an innerspring mattress is a new and improved version of those mattresses. You won't have to deal with squeaky coils or springs that support all the wrong areas of your body or poke you while you sleep. Rather, innerspring mattresses provide a firm and even form of support. 

Innerspring mattresses tend to be firmer than the previously discussed mattresses. For that reason, they may be better suited for certain people than others, depending on one's preferred sleep position. For example, stomach and back sleepers would benefit most from an innerspring mattress.

They both require lower back support. We have already seen what happens to stomach sleepers if they don't have enough mattress support for their lumbar spine. The same can happen to back sleepers since soft mattresses will absorb too much pressure from the upper back and hips, leaving the lumbar spine to become misaligned. 

Innerspring mattresses can vary in terms of how firm they are. It is important to consider the firmness of your innerspring mattress because you don't want something that might be a little too firm for you. Otherwise, you might encounter other sleep problems because your mattress is providing you with too much support. 

When you buy an innerspring mattress, be sure to check how many coils are in the mattress. Also, don't forget to check how thick the coils are. This will ensure you go home with the best mattress for your sleep position

Hybrid and Adjustable Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are ideal if you can't decide between latex, memory foam, or innerspring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses incorporate the springs of an innerspring mattress along with the cushion of latex or memory foam. This combination gives hybrid mattresses a unique kind of cushion and support.

When you first sit down on a hybrid mattress, you may notice that you seem to only be able to feel the foam. That's because there is a thick layer of either latex or memory foam over the springs inside. However, the springs still produce a good amount of support, although not as much as a true innerspring mattress.

The mix between foam and springs makes for a mattress that is great for various sleep positions. As long as you don't need a very firm or a very soft bed, you should be able to sleep comfortably on a hybrid mattress. However, there are a few downsides. 

Hybrid mattresses tend to be on the heavy side because they contain both coils and foam. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, are quite light. Hybrid mattresses also tend to be more expensive. 

Adjustable mattresses are unique because, as the name suggests, you can adjust how firm they are. This is great if you don't know what kind of firmness you would like your mattress to have yet. An adjustable mattress will give you the luxury of choice. 

If you want your mattress to be softer one night, you can have it that way. If you want it to be firmer the next night, no problem. You can even adjust the firmness of one side of the bed and not the other. 

This is perfect for couples who like mattresses of different firmness levels. 

Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Best Mattress, Canada

Buying the best mattress, Canada doesn't have to be difficult as long as you know what to look for. Before you buy a mattress, you should always consider your body weight and sleep position. That way, you can pick the perfect mattress for your body. 

For help selecting your new mattress use our new and improved shopping guide, the Mattress Matchmaker. We welcome you try our mattresses in person at our showroom located in Mississauga at 18-1911 Dundas St E, L4X 1M1

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