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Choosing your mattress can be very frustrating, especially now with all the different types: innerspring, foam, pocket coil, latex, memory foam etc. So, how to choose the one that would be the best for your sleep?

Unfortunately, there is no mattress that would be suitable for everyone, it simply doesn’t exist. We all have our personal preferences, different sleeping positions, shapes and sizes. Here at Mattressville we want you to give some tips in order to make the right decision and help to make your shopping experience as simple as possible.

The four main types of mattress:


mattress gives you a springy feel where each row of coils is made of a single wire attached to the next row by helicals.


-Widely available, affordable price that can fit any budget

-Weight is deflected to more springs, resulting in less pressure on each coil


-As springs move together in a single unit motion can be transmitted very easily betwen two people sharing a mattress

-Can become noisy over time

Pocket Coil

mattress one of the more popular types. Individually wrapped coils in fabric that react individually to pressure, without affecting the springs around it as a result less motion transmitted.


-Good support by distributing your body weight evenly

-Because the open spring construction allows air to circulate you won’t feel too warm

-Each pocket coil absorbs the weight placed on it without distributing the load to other coils, meaning less motion distribution. Good for couples


-Coils having the most contact with pressure will wear off faster than coils with less pressure

-More Expensive

-They can be heavy to turn

Memory foam

mattress are growing in popularity, made of viscoelastic, a polyurethane based foam that molds itself to the shape of the sleeper’s body. <br/> Material was originally developed by NASA, It’s a type of foam, you should sink into it and feel you weight absorbed.


-Taking pressure off your joints and increasing circulation

-Partners sleeping together are hardly disturbed when the other rotates

-Conforms to the entire body’s shape

-Light, easy to rotate, comfortable and durable


-Because these mattresses are temperature sensitive, molding and softening with your body heat they can make you feel too warm during the night.

Note* Gel Memory foam mattresses can solve this problem

-Elasticity may decrease during colder weather


mattress it is basically white liquid produced by and tapped from the trunks of rubber trees. Latex also can be a blend of sap of the rubber tree and synthetic latex or Pure/Natural Latex. It is produced using either the Talalay or the Dunloap process. The Dunloap process produces a foam that is more dense as a result you get more heavy and firm core, the Talalay process produces a lighter foam that has more air in it and has much lighter core.


-Tends to be durable ( average 20 year warranty)

-Does not retain much body heat, less chance of overheating

-Naturally resistant to mold and dust mites

-Eco friendly, renewable resource

-Anti allergenic, good option for those prone to allergies


-Really Expensive

-Not appropriate for people allergic to latex

Beyond the four types of mattress, there are other factors in that you will need to think about:

Sleeping on your side…


Consider a surface with a lot of “pressure relief”, cushy memory foam or a mattress with a plushy topper will have the most pressure relief while the firm mattress will offer the least

Sleeping on your stomach…

Consider a firm top surface which provides the best support, try to avoid contouring memory foam or soft mattresses in order to eliminate back rounding.

Sleeping on your back…

Consider something firm or medium firm- a surface that supports but has some give so your spine is aligned properly.

If you tend to overheat or sleep hot over the night…

Consider a mattress with less sinking topper where your body sinks less.
Firm-medium latex, gel memory or innerspring

If your partner turns and tosses all night…

Consider a mattress with pocket coils, latex or memory foam. All of these mattresses will have good “motion isolation”.

If you have allergies…

Both foam and latex are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and mold. Natural or Organic latex would be the best choice, since those type of mattresses are also eco friendly and biodegradable.