Why Mattressville

Why Mattressville

At Mattressville, we take pride in stocking some of the best mattress brands in the industry in all sizes, styles, and firmness levels. Whether you're looking for a standard or custom sized mattress, a memory foam or pillow top, or a soft or extra firm bed, Mattressville has something for you. Beyond our outstanding mattress selection, we also offer quick delivery times so you can start enjoying quality sleep sooner.

  • No traditional retail prices when shopping with us.
  • Non-commissioned, friendly and knowledgeable Sleep Consultants will help you select the perfect mattress.
  • No costly retail space, fancy showrooms, high administrative costs, or expensive advertising budgets.
  • We buy in bulk direct from the factory and maintain low overhead costs, resulting in low prices for you.
  • Awesome referral rewards program.

Best mattress store in GTA
(Greater Toronto Area)

We understand that sleeping is a unique experience for each individual, which is why we have the best pocket coil, gel memory foam, orthopedic, natural latex, memory foam mattresses in our inventory. Our mattresses are available in all sizes, firmness levels and styles including traditional euro top, pillow top, tight top, hybrid and more.

Moreover, we recognize the hassle and frustration that shoppers go through when shopping for a new mattress. You might be aware of newly-developed technologies when it comes to mattresses, but they can be slow to reach nearby retail outlets. On the other hand, premium products are prohibitively expensive. At Mattressville, you will have access to mattresses that feature ultra-premium materials, cutting-edge sleep technology, and other features that will provide you with the quality sleep you deserve — at a fraction of the cost.

Quality Mattress Brands Offered By Us

When it comes to mattresses, no-name or generic brands are not the same as well recognized name brands. Generic brands have none of the patented features and their components and quality are not the same as the name brand. Below is the list of some well recognized top rated brands that we carry and that are almost impossible to find at outlet stores.

How we keep our price low Our business strategy